March 2012

The Smart Traveler’s Passport

Anyone that has done any traveling knows that it can be a hassle to go through the security check points, pack light to keep the costs down and make sure you don’t get hassled for having a shampoo bottle that is too big.

The Smart Traveler’s Passport is a field guide for the newbie or even veteran travelers with more than 300 tips and tricks to make your traveling easier and more efficient. Ziploc bags are one of the few things that security doesn’t seem to care about and The Smart Traveler’s Passport has more than 13 different uses for them.

Load up with baggies and you’ll be ready to take on the world. Dental floss is small and compact, but when you need to make some quick on-the-fly measurements, it can be used as a tape measure. It’s true and the book tells you how.

National Geographic: The Leader In Travel Books

I grew up reading National Geographic magazine and my children love watching the National Geographic channel, but people seem to forget they are also leaders in the travel book industry.


You may wonder how an organization designed to educate the world about cultures and cilivizations would be a travel book leaders, but if you stop to think it only makes sense. Nat Geo sends their writers and photographers all over the world to cover stories.

The Dark Side of Disney

"I wish I had read The Dark Side of Disney back then. "

I have always wanted to go to Walt Disney World and as a child was almost obsessed with it. I watched every show they had about that place and dreamed of the day I could visit. When I got older and became an adult, the place lost its allure.

I considered it a place for kids and not something a lone adult would want to visit. I wish I had read The Dark Side of Disney back then. The book tells you about all the stories, claims and scams that the management at the theme park would rather you didn’t hear.

The author grew up in Florida and visited the park more than 100 times by the time he was 18. He lived the dream of doing all the things you wanted to do, but never had the guts. It’s a townies view of Walk Disney World and filled with things no one does or at least gets to tell the tale.

He talks about scamming his way into getting free tickets. The book details the exploits of going behind the red lines into the unauthorized areas of the park. Are the people who wear the costumes and princess tiara’s really the squeaky clean people you think or are they going on benders once their clock is punched.