November 2009

Lonley Planet Makes the World Anything But

Don’t you just love Lonely Planet? As an undergraduate, my Lonely Planet Spain Travel Guide was the only book I needed—besides my Spanish dictionary and textbooks, of course—during my travels abroad. I just love how the guides are rooted in keeping travel as cheap as possible—as well as how honest they are. Their full color spreads, maps and especially their tips about the when’s, where’s, and what’s of the area make their guides amazing to read even when you’re not traveling.

But did you know the story of Lonely Planet? It’s just adorable. The founders, Tony and Maureen Wheeler, met on a park bench and were married a year later. They became avid travelers, taking a cross-Europe and Asian trip for their honeymoon. Through their travels, they learned how to make it as cheaply as possible, ending up broke but happy at the end of their trip in Australia.