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Five places to publish your travel writing

Magazines, online and guidebooks.

With the increasing number of online travel magazines in addition to more traditional guidebooks and print magazines, there are plenty of sources for you to share your hints about how to have delicious culinary vacation through Vienna or your account of your seedy gambling weekend inTijuana. Here are five sources—traditional and non-traditional—where you can share your travel writing:

1. Where: Hackwriters,

Name of Editor: None Listed.

Contact Information:

How to submit: Hackwriters prefers submissions between 1200-2200 words. Include your name, email and a link to your personal blog with your submission. Pictures or graphics are also accepted.

Submission guidelines: Hackwriters accepts travel writing, fiction, commentary and lifestyle pieces.

Payment Info: Hackwriters is an academic website that offers peer-reviewed feedback, rather than payment. Their intention is to help writers gain more clips.

Reply Time: ASAP


2. Where: Frommer’s Travel Guides,

Name of Editor: Many.

Contact: Attn: Resumes, Frommer’s Travel Guides, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 111 River Street, 5th Floor,Hoboken,NJ07030

How to submit: Include a resume, clippings and a cover letter that describes why and how you are an expert about a certain region or place. They prefer writers who live in the place they propose writing about.

Reply Time: They already have writers contracted for the upcoming year, but will keep attractive resumes on-file.


3. Where: Wanderlust,

Name of Editor: Dan Linstead and Lyn Hughes, Editor-in-Chief

Contact Information: Magazine:, Online:

How to submit: Wanderlust prefers writing about off-the-beaten path places or little-known destinations.

Submission guidelines: Send them a one-paragraph proposal outlining the story, the first paragraph, details of the trip, and photographs. Also send relevant experiences and clips from previously published stories.

Payment Info: Features are £220 per 1,000 published words.


4. Where: Bootsnall,

How to submit: Generally, Bootsnall prefers articles between 1,200 and 2,200 words, but will accept up to 4,000 words. They prefer more general travel articles, rather than specifically city-focused guides.

Submission guidelines: The website above includes a link where into which you can you can attach your submission.

Payment Info: $50 per post.


5. Where: World Hum,

Contact Information:

How to submit: World Hum accepts travel stories, rants on travel-related subjects, interviews and lists.

Submission guidelines: The maximum number of words accepted is 1,500. Include your submission or a short pitch and your bio in the body of an email. Do not include attachments. In the subject line of your email, include the section of the site to which you want your article to be posted.

Reply Time: ASAP with payment info also included