National Geographic: The Leader In Travel Books

National Geographic: The Leader In Travel Books

I grew up reading National Geographic magazine and my children love watching the National Geographic channel, but people seem to forget they are also leaders in the travel book industry.


You may wonder how an organization designed to educate the world about cultures and cilivizations would be a travel book leaders, but if you stop to think it only makes sense. Nat Geo sends their writers and photographers all over the world to cover stories.


They go to not only all the major tourism spots, plus the places no one in their right mind would go. Their photographers spend hours finding the perfect shots for the stories and you can't say the pictures aren't breathtaking.


It's only common and financial sense to take advantage of this constant travel to have their writers talk about the destinations and create travel books as well. Their books are filled with the expert prose of professional writers who can capture the heart and soul of a people in the magazine. Imagine what they can do for a vacation destination.


They see not only the tourist spots that all the other travel writer's see, but also the off the beaten path places that only the locals know about. It's their job to dig deep into a story and that goes for a fluff piece about Aruba or a in-depth study of an African tribe.


I have had the pleasure of know a few Nat Geo photographers and they are truly unique people. There is no place they wouldn't go to get the best picture and that shows in the magazine and their travel books.