Little Passports

Little Passports

So far, this program is only so-so.

Last year, I made my daughter her own passport to stamp whenever we went somewhere new during summer vacation. It was all local, but it was so much fun. She had her own tote, and thought she didn’t put stickers on it, it was hers and she carried it around all summer. We also already have a couple of maps in our house, and we play interactive games that are free all of the time.

In short, I’m afraid we may not need the Little Passports program I just ordered her. Since seeing it heavily advertised on most of the blogs I follow, Facebook and everywhere else, I have wanted to try it, so when the company offered free shipping a few weeks ago I signed up. It’s cute enough, even though both of the characters are white and I’d much rather at least one of them look more multicultural. Our first shipment wasn’t very impressive, but it’s what you should expect from the website: a map, two stickers, a passport, a luggage tag and your suitcase itself. Oh, and a picture. Of a garage. We really get more out of our three-dollars-a-month Postcrossing program.

The online games were pretty dull for this first month. My daughter hated them and wasn’t impressed with much of the other stuff, either—but like I said, we’d made passports, have maps, and exchange postcards with people from around the world already. I am really hoping that this was just because it’s the introductory shipment, and that the games and packages will get better as we go along. I think my daughter will enjoy the souvenirs, at least, and hopefully we’ll have better activities and photos in the future.

It took a while to arrive, which is expected for a new shipment—but the same week we received the first one, we were billed for the next! I certainly hope it arrives faster, because that’s pretty silly. For every other children’s program we’ve done, we are billed when we receive the item; that month ahead stuff’s for cable bills and rent!

This may be one of those cases where I should have waited to read parent reviews and not jumped the gun to subscribe right away. I just love traveling, and since we are now on a family budget and unable to like I did when I was single, I thought this would help my daughter experience the world vicariously until she can do it herself. I do hope that this so-so shrug we feel over the first package is really just because it’s introductory, and that next month’s will be really cool.