Does Ghost Adventures Belong On The Travel Channel

Does Ghost Adventures Belong On The Travel Channel

I am a big fan of traveling, as you can see, I have read many books on the subject. One of my favorite television channels is The Travel Channel. I am a big fan of Adam Richman and Anthony Bourdain and all the rest of the travelers who show me the world.

While many of the shows on the channel deal with things other than travel, they always provide plenty of information about where they are at. Adam Richman may be in New Orleans to eat a giant burrito, but he makes sure to tell everyone about the area and some local hot spots. The restaurant is also a destination for tourists as well.

I enjoy watching Ghost Adventures and think Zac Baggins and the rest of his crew are hilarious as they go to place to place hunting ghosts. My main issue is that the show doesn't belong on The Travel Channel. Occasionally, the go to a place that is open to the public, but many times where they go, normal people can't go into without special permission.

They don't tell you much about the area, but they do a lot of history of the place and people that lived in it. They provide plenty if entertainment, but nothing of real travel value. I can't just go to Waverly Sanitarium in March and spend the night.

Ghost Adventures is a great show, but it has nothing to with travel and the network has compromised its values for the sake of ratings.